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Seismic Skate Tekton 6-Ball XT Classic Bearings - [ka(:)rısma] showroom & concept store
Seismic Skate Tekton 6-Ball XT Classic Bearings - [ka(:)rısma] showroom & concept store
Seismic Skate Tekton 6-Ball XT Classic Bearings - [ka(:)rısma] showroom & concept store

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Seismic Skate Tekton 6-Ball XT Classic Bearings

Tekton™ 6-Ball XT™ Steel Bearings with
Classic Free-Spacer System Next-level
skate bearing tech –
more speed, better handling, longer life!

Versatile Free-Spaced Design • 50% Stronger
XT (Extra-Tough) Steel Casings • Tighter
Assembly Tolerances • Dust-Resistant Ball
Retainers • Premium Lube – More speed &
acceleration – Consistent wheel contact &
grip – Predictable slide release & hookup –
Extended wheel & bearing life Versatile Free-
Spacer System: Precisely-sized spacers
square up against bearings and stabilize
them inside wheels. Combines with Tighter
Radial Tolerances (3µ – 5µ) that minimize
torsional play inside bearing assemblies.
Locks in highly-precise alignment, protects
against friction and wear, minimizes noise.
XT Construction: More than 50% tougher!
Superior steel, thicker outer casings, and
advanced heat treatment. Ball raceways
hold smooth polish, and bearings stay tight
and fast, for far longer! 50%-stiffer casings
resist flexing, spin truer / faster, keep seals
from popping off on extreme impacts. 6-Ball
Assembly: Fewer, larger, stronger balls. Less
total friction, better acceleration and speed
on straightaways! Premium Steel Balls: Superior
concentricity, surface smoothness, strength,
and durability. Advanced Dust-Resistant Ball
Retainers: Keep bearings cleaner for longer,
without the added friction of a second seal.
Formed of Dupont® engineering-grade Nylon.
High-End Lubricant: Packed with premium
“high-RPM” light grease from Kyodo Japan.
Formulated for peak performance under actual
skating stresses, not max free-spin time.
Inner Race: Specially contoured under seal to
resist contamination. Additional Features:
Black outer casings, removable rubber-coated
steel seals with printed graphic. Meets or exceeds
all criteria for ABEC-9 rating.
Eco-friendly packaging:
No oversized metal tins or plastic boxes – just a
minimal recyclable cardboard box. No fake tech
or exaggerations: Just more speed and longevity
through real science and no-BS engineering!
100% free of: • Random bearing tech adapted
from other industries just for the sake of novelty.
• Expensive over-hyped raceway coatings that
interfere with optimal polishing and may actually
grind on balls. Over-hyped lubricant additives
that accelerate wear not speed.
• Misleading claims that industry-standard
features and factory processes are
unique or special.
(e.g., deep-groove raceways with micro-
channels, fine-polishing, fiber-reinforced
nylon retainers, hand-inspection,
ultrasonic solvent washing, etc.)