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Candide Thovex is seen by his peers as one of the best skiers of his time. For Candide, skiing is an escape, a constant connection with mother nature, and a way for him to express his creativity. Born and raised in La Clusaz, France, Candide started skiing at the age of 2. From early on, Candide introduced his vision, level, and creativity to freestyle skiing, inspired by snowboarding.

His unique approach and style instantly and continuously set new standards, introducing a world of possibilities to skiers around the globe. Candide kept pushing the limits in everything that he did, from ground-breaking videos, world firsts and global events. 
Pushing the limits and setting new standards - CANDIDE. 

Concept & Design

The CANDIDE collection is a testament to functionality, performance, and sustainable quality. Every item was conceptualized, designed, and pieced together in close collaboration with Candide Thovex. With a lifetime of experience on the snow and working with a handful of passionate professionals in their fields, Candide’s mission was to offer something different to the market, keeping a few key directives in mind. In an era of overdesigned product, Candide wanted to take things back to the essentials. In that sense, he followed a top down approach, to get rid of the unnecessary. This resulted in concepts that would answer those needs, designed with timeless appeal and produced with the utmost respect for the environment.


CANDIDE’s production process is no different. Keeping their values at the forefront of the production process, the brand has carefully selected world-renown partners that can bring its vision to life while combining quality and durability with ethical purpose.

CANDIDE is a technical outerwear, apparel and accessory brand that redefines the rules. Brainchild of Candide Thovex - one of freeskiing’s most creative, uncompromising and unconventional individuals - the collections are sustainably crafted by passionate professionals who bring Candide’s unique vision for timeless style, optimal function, and high-level performance to life.

CANDIDE aspires to create products that empower riders, embodying feelings of exhilaration, liberty and inspiring creativity without limitation. CANDIDE is available in our network of trusted and charismatic retailers.
If you want to join our ride - contact us.

Our regions for CANDIDE

Switzerland (German Part)

The Big Smile On Your Face.

Our vision and inspiration is focused on providing high performance, lightweight and easy to ride longboards that enable riders to enjoy all aspects of snowboarding and embrace the fact that the winner, at the end of any day on the mountain, is the rider with the biggest smile on their face!

Size matters.

Style is such an individual element and to define it is almost impossible. That difficult description also applies when defining the intended use of our shapes. Individual variables like riders weight, level of riding experience, desired riding terrain, all factor in to what board will suit your riding style.
We have seen big aggressive riders having a blast on the 171, the shortest board in the lineup, as well as master class riders below 70 kg ripping soul turns on the 201

Your board choice becomes more a combination of your riding skills and your favorite terrain & snow conditions.But most importantly – forget the mass market industry approach of choosing your board size by holding it to your nose and thats how long it has to be.

You are a longboarder
Go big or bigger!

From day one, surfing has been a core element of Rad-Air.

And surfing has always shared a close bond with the classic and muscle cars of the 50s, 60s, and 70s. Rad-Air has taken our heritage from both cultures and embraced future technologies, to include a brand new ultralight composite wood core construction that takes the already legendary ride of the Tanker longboards to a new level.

This progression has resulted in the entirely new Japan Limited Edition series for 2020-21. The Japanese kanji on the boards says “Kouna Hitsuzen” which translates as “inevitable fate.” This defines our devotion and dedication to the soul lifting rush of powder turns.
Rock on and enjoy the ride!

Our regions for Rad Air

From North to South 
From East to West


We design and innovate to enable our users to enjoy every moment in the outdoors. With that, we strive to reduce the impact by creating durable, repairable and upgradable products made from recycled and recyclable materials without excess features. We're focusing on the essentials to support lifelong experiences.

SMITH - since 1965

In 1965 Dr. Bob Smith, orthodontist and original ski bum, develops the first sealed thermal lens and breathable vent foam. He hand builds goggles in his garage and sells them out of his van on weekend ski trips in Utah and Colorado.

With a refined design and manufacturing plan, Smith takes his innovation and starts producing his Smith Original ski goggle in 1969 in Rifle, Colorado with a contract manufacturer.

Our regions for Smith

South-West Germany: 
- Baden-Württemberg
- Hessen
- Saarland
- Rheinland-Pfalz
- parts of Nordrhein-Westfalen


Inspired by Legend, Driven by Purpose        

The earliest snowboard production in Telos History, within the shadow of Mt Shasta, California spawned decades of Technological Innovations now used in our boards today. Legend has it that deep below Mt. Shasta, exists Telos, an ancient but Technologically Advanced Civilization, said to have once been the sister city of Atlantis and the connection to all that is natural in the world. The Inspiration for Telos graphics designs are derived from stories of this legendary city combined with the nature and geology of the surrounding volcanic mountain which snowboarding helps us to connect with.

te·los / ˈteläs / noun - an ultimate goal or purpose

Snowboarding isn’t something you just do, it’s something you have to do. It’s in your veins and flowing through your personality. As riders with more than 30 years of design, board building experience and our own factory, making the best riding snowboards isn’t just something we do, it’s something we have to do.

It’s in our DNA, our passion, our ultimate purpose, continually striving to make better boards and products to help you ride better.

Telos Snowboards engineer innovative shapes and technologies based on how a rider wants a snowboard to ride, by balancing flex and torsional stiffness, lightweight and durability, contact and stability and edge to edge control. Focusing on these key metrics helps to create the new and advanced ideas that continue to push the progression of snowboard design.

Telos Snowboards provide what riders want, and what riders want is simple; a board should be lightweight, durable, stable, easy to carve, perform well as its intended and all-around fun to ride!

Telos offers the ultimate tools to make every day on the mountain your best!

What We Stand (Sideways) For


- Progressive technology driven design.

- Responsible production & distribution.

- Respectful of People and Environment.


Telos Snowboards are meticulously and purposefully designed to create high quality boards which inspire innovation of the sport and that people are stoked to ride every day.

Made responsibly by snowboarders, for snowboarders:
*Hand made on planet earth
*With No VOC Epoxy
*Farmed Wood Cores
*Solvent Free Inks
*Die cut bases save waste & energy
*Low waste factory recycles all Wood, Paper, Metal & Plastic

Our regions for Telos

- Germany
- Austria
- France (North)
- Netherlands
- Belgium
- Luxemburg

Serviced by [ka(:)rısma] Spain 
- Spain 
- Andorra
- France (South)

Searching for an agency for
- Italy


I started Transform back in 2008 after spending several winter seasons snowboarding in Austria. The goal first and foremost was to create products that snowboarders could rely on and it remains the baseline for everything we do. Whether you’re shredding dry slopes, split-boarding the backcountry, slaying the pistes, or hitting up that double-kink in Helsinki.

Fast forward to today and what started as friends wearing the gloves for testing has ended up with Transform supporting some of the most technical riders on the planet, including Olympic medal winners, podium regulars, video part legends and some of my favourite ever riders, but equally as important; they are also worn by people doing their first ever turns, riders who manage to make it to the hill a few days a year and by long time seasonaires.

f you wear Transform, tag us on Instagram as I love to see the products being used in their natural habitat.

We live for the winter, for tree lines, deep pow days, side hits and laps through the park. To put it bluntly, snowboarding has given me a lot, Transform is what I want to give back.Thanks for your support and see you on the hill.
Tom Kingsnorth

Our regions for Transform

- Germany
- Austria
- France (North)

Serviced by [ka(:)rısma] Spain 
- Spain 
- Andorra
- France (South)

Searching for an agency for
- Italy

We create exceptional skis for exceptional people.

Majesty was born in the High Tatra Mountains in southern Poland wherebackcountry skiing, freeride and freeskiing are some of the elements of the air webreathe. We are an independent ski company driven by skiers who pushinnovation and artist inspired product design. We handcraft skisand designaccessories for serious ski adventurers and winter sports buffs.

 We are in constantpursuit of ski technology innovation and design excellence. We stand foroutstanding craftsmanship, high quality engineering, innovative construction andoriginal top sheet artwork. We put a great deal of emphasis on remainingindependent, well-built and distinctly different.

Majesty was founded in 2007 by Janusz Borowiec (JB) - a pro-windsurfer, devotedskier and freeski advocate with a passion for transforming the freeskiingscene.From the start, Majesty was heavilyinfluenced by a century old tradition ofoff-piste skiing practiced in the Tatra Mountains in southern Poland.

At the time when most brands where focused on performance on-piste skiing, we wanted to create alternatives for those who wanted to go their own ways, exploring and defining themselves by freedom and adventure. From the first prototype we designed we have always believed that skis should be versatile with all-round performance and most importantly, they needed to be fun.We started as a freeski oriented brand but very quickly developed our freeride and touring segments, which are now our main focus. These segments are also where we have the biggest growth in all markets.

With our passion for modern, sustainable ski building and customer value we believe that our backcountry DNA makes skiing more exciting.

Our regions for Majesty

South-West Germany: - Baden-Württemberg- Hessen- Saarland- Rheinland-Pfalz- parts of Nordrhein-Westfalen