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Ortega Headstock Tuner - [ka(:)rısma] showroom & concept store
Ortega Headstock Tuner - [ka(:)rısma] showroom & concept store
Headstock Tuner - [ka(:)rısma] showroom & concept store

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Ortega Headstock Tuner


The OCCT-1BK is a clip-on tuner of the newest generation and comes packed with all the practical features needed

Chromatic clip-on tuner with two-color display in a shockproff, rubberized casing

Bright, well-readable display with large letters.

Selectable tuning-modes: CHROMATIC (C), GUITAR (G), BASS (B), UKULELE (U/GCEA-Tuning), VIOLIN (V)

(to select the required tuning-mode, simply push the On/Off Button for one second)

Special feature: freely rotatable in all directions, therefore easy to use on lefthand instruments as well

Color: Black (BK), Battery Type CR2032 included

Green display: Tone is right

Blue display: Tone is not right
Tuner turns itself off when not in use.



  • Sensitive sensor - tunes in noisy environment
  • One-handed swivel clamp
  • Large, easy-to-read 2color display (blue/green)
  • In tune - backlight illuminates green!
  • Rubberized shockproof body
  • Attractive 360 degree rotating design
  • Five pre-installed modes: Guitar, bass, ukulele, violin and chromatic
  • Attaches easily to all guitar headstock shapes
  • Incl. Battery (coin cell, TYPE CR2032)


Battery (coin cell, TYPE CR2032)