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Smith Sunglasses Embark Matte Black



Lens innovation — ChromaPop Glacier Mirror Photochromic. 

Embark is the best pair of glacier glasses and let’s celebrate that. At the same time, whenever SMITH releases a new product, people expect it to be high-quality. Therefore we don’t have to sell this too hard. 

Style / Versatility

We’re the only ones making high-performance glacier glasses that are also good-looking. This marriage is something we can own. 

Brand story

SMITH glacier glasses are long-awaited. We’re filling a hole and bringing the best. 

Elevated vision

Say hello to Embark, the glacier glasses you’ll actually want to wear. 

Finally, something that’s just as good for the up. Embark builds on ChromaPop and everything we’ve learned on snow to create a superior pair of glacier glasses designed to roll with the ever-changing mood of the mountain. But the best part, perhaps? They look as good as they perform. In the alpine, every decision matters. With Embark, we left nothing overlooked. 

Finally, something that’s just as good for the up.

Embark builds on ChromaPop and everything we’ve learned on snow to create a superior pair of glacier glasses designed to roll with the ever-changing mood of the mountain.

Embark protects your eyes in the alpine with style. 

Built for long days and harsh environments, Embark offer an all-new lens innovation and removal TPU side shields, all wrapped in a package suitable for parking lot après. Who says function can’t have a good time?

Performance, meet lifestyle.

Embark embraces a new era of mountaineering with a feature set to transition between the mountain and life. Glacier-proven lenses perform in a range of challenging light conditions, while classic SMITH styling feels just as at home in the car. Long story short, these aren’t your grandparents’ glacier glasses. 

Chromapop Glacier Photochromic

Smooth transitions. 

Chromapop Glacier Photochromic offers sharp vision from flat light to full bright. 

For the first time, mountaineers can enjoy a light transmission range from 55% to 6% with full ChromaPop contrast. No matter the conditions, you’re covered. 

ChromaPop Polar

Keep your focus. 

ChromaPop Polar is our workhorse lens for protection and clarity.

A dark, polarized lens boosted with ChromaPop lets you see more definition without straining your eyes. Bring on the exposure. 

Removable Side Shields

Form and function. 

Removable side shields offer protection when you need it, style when you want it. 

Removable TPU side shields protect against sun, wind and spindrift in a breathable design made for high output. They go on and off with a snap, and they collapse for stuffing in a pocket or pack. On big days there’s enough to keep track of. Leave the house with one pair of sunglasses. 


Stay locked in. 

The branded leash offers protection against cold-finger fumbles. 

Inspired by our goggle straps, the branded leash adds another layer of comfort and security, plus a fail safe for knife-blade ridges. Because losing a favorite pair sunglasses is a hard pill to swallow. 

Here’s an idea.

What if we made glacier glasses that didn’t look like glacier glasses? Would more people take advantage of better lenses and reduced glare? And then would there be more summits? And would athletes finally have a pair of sunglasses that went with the rest of their kit? And would that in turn encourage a new generation to push the edge of mountaineering, thereby furthering the timeless quest of human discovery? Well, yes. We sure think so. 

In the alpine, every decision matters.

Embark is the pair of glacier glasses designed to let you travel through harsh alpine environments and look good doing it. 

Why limit the best?

Embark is available with ChromaPop Glacier Photochromic, our latest lens innovation for flat light to extreme bright. We think that deserves a frame you’ll actually want to wear. Because Embark is great on snow, but the best sunglasses out there should get you out there more. 

(Carousel photos/video/cinemagraph showing the stark difference or transition from 55% VLT to 6% VLT.)

Now you see me. 

Believe it or not, this is one pair of sunglasses. ChromaPop Glacier Photochromic offers a VLT category swing of 1-4. That’s a light transmission range from 55% to 6%. Plus full ChromaPop across the range for contrast and clarity in challenging conditions, like flat light. It’s no magic act; it’s Embark, our all-new glacier glasses.